European Union Restricts East Europe Migration

There are members of the European Union and there are members who don’t exactly enjoy the same benefits of those who have been in the organization for years. Romania and Bulgaria gained entry a few years ago, but there are growing restrictions on allowing people from those nations to migrate west in search of jobs. A large number of EU nations have instituted restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians who seek to enter in order to obtain jobs, many of which are in the agriculture area. In gaining membership, Romania and Bulgaria accepted the right of other members to restrict people from their countries to emigrate for up to seven years which is not allowed for those who have been members for years.

The current financial crisis impacting European nations will undoubtedly lead to stricter laws banning east Europeans like those from Romania or Bulgaria to enter. All over the world, migrants are among the first to suffer the financial crisis. Of course, one issue is whether native born people will desire jobs in the field of agriculture.