European Union Supports Zimbabwe Mediation

South Africa and the European Union concluded a landmark summit meeting in which the EU endorsed efforts by President Mbeki of South Africa to serve as a mediator in the difficult situation posed by chaos in Zimbabwe. Nicolas Sarkozy, whose nation holds the EU presidency offered strong support for mediation efforts admitting his fury at the brutality of President Mugabe made him unable to have any relations with such a tryant. The European Union has extended its economic sanctions against Zimbabwe but Sarkozy said it might be possible to rethink those actions if mediation results in ending the tyranny of Mugabe. South African President Mbeki, who has come under strong criticism on the part of democratic forces in Zimbabwe for his ongoing support for Mugabe, emphasized both major parties had to share power and violence had to end.

However, as the summit concluded, the Zimbabwe government issued an announcement that Mugabe’s controversial election as president was a “non-negotiable” issue. Of course, the key issue is that election was the result of fraud and violence and it must be negotiated if Zimbabweans are to have peace and freedom.

  • Steve Tomlinson

    Could you please quantify the effect that the prevailing economic sanctions are having on the economy of Zimbabwe ?

  • Fred Stopsky

    Zimbabwe’s economy is in a shambles. Mugabe essentially is adopting an “apres mois, le duluge.” In other words, he doesn’t care. People suffer but not the cronies around Zimbabwe.

  • Comrade Basa

    Right, any economy suffers with those sanctions, they are essentially acts of wars with the intention of killing people – Why, would these so-called democratic and peaceful nations deliberately enact sanctions, which they know will kill people? It seems your whole talk about “the people of Zimbabwe” means they need to give up their government and adopt western ideals, in other words surrender to globalization – a whole deal of good that’s done the world. The sources you use for your work are one and the same, and your work is consistently one-sided.