European Union’s Turkish Dilemma No Delight

The European Union is confronting a dilemma dealing with the current political crisis in Turkey which threatens to end hopes for that nation to become a member of the bloc in the forseeable future. Ironically, forces of secularism in Turkey which long to see their country a member of the EU in hope such an event will ensure the maintenance of secular values and norms are faced with the prospect that Turkish secular forces are making certain that will not take place. Political tension is high as the Constitutional Court is prepared to most likely declare the Justice and Development Party(AKP) as having violated the constitution because it supports certain measures such as allowing females to wear a headscarf in college and plotting to destroy secularism in Turkey.

To make matters worse, police have arrested scores of retired generals, journalists and academics on charges they were plotting to create disorder in order to carry through a coup that would overthrow the Islamic government. The situation is also damaging Turkey’s economic climate as investors are concerned they might be investing in a nation close to chaos.

Sweden and Great Britain which have championed Turkish entry into the EU are concerned that a “judicial coup” may have destroyed efforts to achieve this aim. Those opposing Turkish entry now have evidence the country is disorganized and unable to function as a legitimate democratic entity. Lost in the confusion is the reality of a modern Muslim political party which works with Israel to obtain peace in the Middle East being on the verge of extinction.