Europeans Simply Leftists So Who Cares?

We Americans are believers in capitalism and the free enterprise system, unlike the Socialist commie leaning Europeans who prefer taking vacations to working 70 hours a week. Recent polls reveal widespread distrust of a Romney election among people in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and on the Moon. In fact,the Galactic Council which supervises this portion of the universe has come out against the election  of Mitt Romney. OK, so less than 5% of Germans and French folk claim they would have a less favorable view of the US if Mitt won the election. Just wait until the next world war when the French need us to liberate them from the Germans!

OK, so 47% of English people say they would dislike a Romney victory while 3% would like it. Remember, that the 3% of those for him represent the intelligent portion of the society. I understand why so many Europeans dislike Mitt, he spent a year attempting to convert them to the Mormon religion and they refused to listen to God!