Even God Abandons Gaddafi!

One knows they are in trouble when such noted defenders of criminals like China and Russia join the clamor to get rid of you. Muammar Gaddafi has been abandoned by just about everyone except for a few folk like Hugo Chavez who never saw a capitalist who shouldn’t be imprisoned. The United States has imposed economic sanctions on Libya and was joined by the European Union in this effort to tighten the noose around the neck of the wild man of the desert. The Internaional Criminal Court of Justice is conducting investigations into Muammar’s crimes against humanity.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned the Libyan tryant that “nothing is off the table” as far as using weapons to defeat him. This might result in a “no fly” rule in Libya which would prevent his air force from bombing civilians. France sent planes to the rebel stronghold in Benghazi in order to provide humanitarian aid.

Berber tribesmen have joined the fight against Muammar. I think this is the time to grab a plane and head toward South America.