Ever Get Feeling You Don’t Want To Go?

There is a nasty war going on in Afghanistan and some soldiers did not think fighting in the mountains of that country was what they signed up for in the military. Lance Corporal Joe Glenton has become famous to anti-war advocates by speaking out against serving in that hell hole. He even went further by going AWOL and found himself in a military jail. Judge Advocate Emma Peters gave him some bad news by informing Joe: “there are many soldiers in the army who have extremely unpleasant experiences, who watch friends die or suffering appalling injuries, but they have to return and do their duty.” He was sentenced by the military to nine months in jail and demoted for going AWOL.

Joe’s family and anti-Afghanistan war advocates charge he is being punished for speaking out against the war. In modern times, privates and sergeants get punished while those responsible for deaths, get appointed to boards of directors and make millions. Ah, the fruits of war.