Ever Get Feeling,Time To Go?

The Day of Rage was followed by the Day of Departure without anyone packing his bags and heading for the airport. Perhaps, it is time for President Mubarak to check into history. The last king of Iraq was hung by an angry mob many, many years ago because he didn’t have the common sense to get out of the country when he could. Mubarak has attempted speaking to angry people, he attempted to make promises that some day he would go and he attempted to send thugs into the streets to beat up opponents. Each foray or delay was met by even larger crowds seeking his immediate departure from the scene. President Obama urged his friend to head toward the nearest exit, but the response was to head toward the nearest bullies he could round up. What is there about crowd demands that Mr. Mubarak does not quite grasp? Hosni, they are ANGRY! Honest, they are MAD! OK, you agreed that your son, Gamal would not succeed you as leader of the nation. Good idea. But, honestly, Hosni they want YOU TO GO!

Hosni still is not aware which is the next day on the agenda of that crowd. Let me spell it out: DAY OF H A N G I N G!