Everyone Wants Me To Stay, Says Silvio

Silvio Berlusconi considers himself among the great leaders in Italian history. He currently is encountering some minor problems about sex, bribes, and so on, but in his view that is par for the course if you are an Italian leader. He does feel bad that a good friend and colleague, Muammar Gaddafi has some minor problems and is being attacked by NATO planes. In fact, Silvio was upset at requests to use Italian air fields in order to bomb Libya. In granting these requests, it caused “personal difficulties” to the Italian leader. Unlike most people, Sivlio considers Muammar a real swell guy who has lots of oil and is willing to sell it to his swell pal in Italy. Of course, there is always the possibility the two friends do share a common interest in females of the teen age range. I assume they swap girl stories when together.

Silvio admitted he even considered resigning as Prime Minister when NATO asked to use Italian bases. But, according to Silvio, “everybody asked me not to.” He did not specific who the “everybody” was, but we can assume they would include females of the teen age bracket.