Evidence Based Design Is Worthless

I recently read a story about a new Army hospital which will be using “evidence based design” in order to ensure soldiers emerge healthy rather than dead. These days, anyone in the field of education constantly is informed they must adhere to “evidence based design” in teaching. In simple English, this means, “teach kids to pass the test, ” then you can show evidence they learned. What if we followed this idea in all aspects of our lives?

1.  To become a great painter, follow the way great painters paint and the end result is you will be a great painter.

2. Following is a list of great presidents, just follow this model:

Abraham Lincoln was self educated.

Theodore Roosevelt was born to wealth and became famous standing up to the wealthy and powerful of the nation.

Franklin Roosevelt, a distant cousin, also was born to wealth and was adored by poor people because he challenged those with wealth.

Harry Truman was an obscure local politician who knew the political bosses and became a US Senator. He was selected to run as VP due to a conflict in the Democratic party. He became president because FDR died. He took on the wealthy.

JFK was born wealthy, enjoyed a romp in the bed with just about any gorgeous woman and inspired a nation.

I trust this evidence has made clear how you become a great president.