Evidence Obama Had A Human Birth??

A lot of folk who adhere to the Republican view of who is or is not an American want proof the man in the White House actually was born in this wonderful land. Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett believes he has a responsibility to ensure that requests from residents of his state are met. He also has a responsibility that “those people whose names are on the ballot have met the qualifications for the office they are seeking.”

I agree. Therefore I am requesting Mr. Bennett to ascertain:

1.  Is there proof that Barack Obama was actually born to a human female?

2.  Is there proof that Mitt Romney was born of a one male one female family?

3. Is there any evidence that Mitt Romney can provide EVIDENCE that anything he says will remain anything he says for more than five minutes?

4.  Is there evidence that Mitt Romney is a Christian?

5.  Can Marco Rubio prove that he is not a secret agent of  Fidel Castro?

My fear is that if Barack Obama is elected it simply will be the first step toward the Revolt of the Apes and they will take over this planet!