Ex-Military Officers Warn-Watch Your Backside!

The fact someone has served in the military forces of this nation does not ensure they have ideas that must be accepted because of their service to the nation. More than 1,000 retired military officers, including several who held high positions in the armed forces, warned President Obama and Congress that it would be a disaster for the nation to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military. A statement issued by these neanderthals said repeal of the “don’s ask, don’t tell,” policy would “have adverse effects on the willingness of parents who lend their sons and daughters to military service, and eventually break the All-Volunteer Force.”

Let’s see, according to these individuals, parents “lend their sons and daughters to military service!” Really, I thought young men and women join the armed forces because they desire to serve and in many cases against the wishes of parents. This statement is ridiculous. Gays and Lesbians are serving in the military and there are no reports of straights heading straight out the barracks in search of a phone to call mom and dad about the horrors of being with gays and lesbians.

How about these retired people getting out of the sun.