“Exceptional”American Youth??

As someone who spends a few minutes on Facebook, it is clear that young Americans believe their daily lives are worth being shared with the rest of humanity. As someone who must listen to Republicans declaring and declaiming on American, “Exceptionalism” it is clear a lot of Americans believe their shit smells different from European or Asian excrement. I certainly do not wish to disabuse Americans of their firm belief that what emanates from their rear ends is a lot more interesting that what comes from their mouths.

Anyone who teaches young Americans encounters this belief in “Entitlement.” They believe being on an athletic team guarantees some evidence of success, a tee shirt or trophy. They believe sharing what they ate today is of great importance in human society. They believe simply entering a classroom guarantees at least a “B”grade. They have been fed clap trap about how smart they are, how wonderful they are, and by some strange quirk, they actually believe this crap.

We are all human. We all have brains. We all can think, we all can love and we all can hate. A guy on a garbage truck does as much thinking as a guy who teaches a class. Anyone who has pride in their work, works at it. I once spent time with an NFL linebacker who described the hours he spent each week studying film of opposing players. Me, I spend hours each week reading history books. The same goal, how to become more professional in our work.

The only exceptional people I have met are those with high standards of their professional competence.