Exit Quickly

For most people in Syria, the war has gone on month after month, now year after year, and nothing has been resolved except death and destruction. Latest figures indicate at least 50,000 have died and President Bashar al-Assad insists he will  remain in power regardless of how many people must die. His artillery blast away, his planes drop bombs, his troops massacre at will, and war continues as both sides in the conflict are determined they must win -at any cost. Most probably, a majority of Syrians would simply like an end to this madness, but they lack any opportunity to make such decisions.

Yesterday, a group of some 20 Syrian soldiers departed and went to
Turkey. Among those deserting was at least one general and some colonels. Being wise, they crossed with their families in order to escape the madness of war. Now, if only a few more million could escape. More will die than who will flee.