Explaining Life Situations Is Complicated

On being asked by a congressional committee how eggs from his Iowa farm sickened thousands of people, Austin J. DeCoster replied: “This is a complicated subject.” Unfortunately, this type of response is all too often offered when people are asked to explain why their policies are not working. For example:

!. When asked why people are not grasping the health care program, President Barack Obama offered the explanation, “‘its a complicated issue.” Of course, he has offered that answer on more then one occasion when people ask him to explain his programs. Actually, it is quite easy to explain, for example: no preconditions bar medial insurance, lower drug costs for seniors, everyone gets a chance to have health insurance, etc.. What the hell lis so “complicated!”
2. Tony Blair was asked why he led his nation into the ill fated invasion of Iraq and all Tony could mumble about was that it was a “complicated” situation.
3. The New York Football Giants lost their game on Sunday after 12 penalties, five personal penalties, fumbles near the end zone and a lot of dropped footballs. This is another “too complicated” issues to explain.
4. I have a hunch Lindsay Lohan can only offer the “too complicated” explanation for her inability to control drugs.
5. Of course, the Tea Party never employs “too complicated” to explain. But, I sure would love to understand how one reduces federal income by cutting taxes and still are able to reduce the deficit!