Liberal do-gooders have been dodging questions concerning the African origin of Barack Obama because of fear the American people would throw out of office every single one of the Democrats in Congress. This intrepid reporter can now reveal the TRUTH behind the African origins of Barack Obama. Ironically, the truth is Obama is NOT of African heritage. He is among those Africans who interbred with NEANDERTHALS. It has been scientifically proven that those in Africa inter-bred with Neanderthals and nearly 4% of the genomes in such creatures is Neanderthal, not cro-magnon. No wonder, Obama will never reveal his birth certificate. His grandfather was a member of the Neanderthal High Council(NHC) which represents those who have the correct blood and DNA heritage.

The goal of the NHC is overthrowing the human race and using scientific knowledge to recreate a new Neanderthal race which will sweep over the world, kill Cro-Magnons and restore to power the ancient clan of Neanderthal. Barack Obama is a spy for the HNC and is working with them to: bring millions of “illegal immigrants” into America. Why? The answer is obvious, those “illegal immigrants” are really the first wave of the new Neanderthal race. This is a race for survival and we Cro-Magnons can never win it with a Neanderthal in the White House.

Beware, the Neanderthals and their secret NHC. I can now reveal members of this group, at the center if Barack Obama, but surprisingly, right behind him is……….. Uhg….