Expressions I Hope Never Again To Hear

In the modern world of media, one continually hears the same expression reported in a host of ways. Following are some expressions I could do well without ever again hearing.

“Obama’s plan is straight out of Nazi Germany. I know, I was in the Nazi party in Germany.”

‘I have a right to take my gun anywhere, anytime.”

“You have to admit that Sarah Palin is an exciting person.”

“I’m an American patriot, and you ain’t.”

“Let me again try explaining my health care program so everyone understands it.”

“We gave compassionate leave to the Lockerbie bomber because the man is suffering from cancer.”

“We Russians believe in the rule of law and order. I give the law and the people accept my orders.”

“God gave us Israel. Therefore, we Jews have the right to use any of this land and get Palestinians off it, after all, one can’t disobey God.”

“Man, I love dogs. I just like to bet on them.”

“Did I use steroids? That all depends on how you define what is a steroid. After all, an aspirin could be considered a steroid.”e