Extenuating Circumstances?

I regard self as a man of peace. After leaving the United States Army I decided not to use another weapon that might cause harm to a living person. But, every so often, a story captures my attention resulting in a thrust of anger and desire for vengeance against another human. Zarife Demiran, a wife and mother of children in Turkey was married to a man whose behavior was simply vile. He raped his wife, he beat his wife, he sold his wife to other men so they could enjoy sexual   pleasure. He also enjoyed beating up on the kids. One night, Zarife had enough, went to his bed while he was asleep and strangled the piece of shit. A court in Eskischa decided against the death penalty due to  “extenutating circumstances” and sentenced her to 15 years in prison.

Fortunately, a higher court cancelled the decision and set her free on grounds of self-defense. I have a hunch if the women was the one beating up on the guy and selling him to other men, the sentence would be freedom. Just another example of attitudes toward women. Fortunately, there were some men with common sense-and compassion.