Extraditing Karadzic A Moral Issue Says Serbia

Serbian Foreign Minister Yuk Jeremic told the BBC, his nation had a moral responsibility to extradite Radovan Karadzic who committed horrible crimes in killing thousands of innocent people and fostering the raping of women. “Regardless of European perspectives the Serbian government would extradite Radovan Karadzic because it is out moral and legal obligation.” He insisted his nation would cooperate in every manner with the international tribunal which will conduct the trail of the Serbian war criminal. He admitted his country wants to enter the European Union and cooperating in the process of ensuring Karadzic would go on trial is an important aspect of having a successful application to the EU. Jeremic also emphasized the trial would be an important step “in an honest effort to reach reconciliation in the Balkans.”

The trial of Karadzic in itself only ensures the punishment of a mass murderer, but it does not necessarily ensure those who worked with the Serbian thug will express remorse for their deeds. However, there are times in life when the life of one man is important to establish the principle that evil does not go unpunished.