Extremism Rises In Czech Republic

A deepening economic crisis invariably results in attacks on the most vulnerable members of society. In the Czech Republic if one is angry at their economic situation or has other fears the easiest solution is to charge Romas as the source of all problems in society. Police report during the first six months of this year there were a reported 99 cases of extremism compared to 75 as this time last year. A march by extremists through a Roma neighborhood unleashed violent clashes between Romas and right wing thugs.

There have been reports of arson in which Roma homes have been burned down, there have been reports of violence toward individual Romas and there are also reports of desire by many Romas to leave the country and head toward Canada. Unfortunately, Canada does not wish more Roma immigrants and has ended the ability of Czech Republic citizens to enter their land without visas. The re-introduction of visas is directly linked to Roma migration from the Czech Republic.