Eye For Eye Or No Eye?

There are nations, cultures and religions in this world whose ideas concerning social justice of what God desires raises issues as to whether these people have the slightest connection to God or whoever is up in the sky.  Ameneh Bahrami was an attractive young woman in Iran who was dating a young man named Majid Movahedi, but decided she really did not want to marry him. Well, Majid, lives in a society in which mean scorned by women have the right to demand retribution or even their death.  “Honor Killings”(what a strange use of the word, “honor”) are present in Iran, several Muslim nations and among various other cultural groups so punishing a woman is not unusual.

Majid approached the woman he desired to marry, poured acid over her face, eyes and body, and proclaimed that he had committed an act of honor. He was placed on trial and the sentence vested power in Ms. Bahrami to have him have acid poured into one eye. She watched as the doctor approached the crying man, got ready to administer the acid, and then said. “Halt.” He sobbed.

The issue is not whether she could allow or not allow the acid to be placed in his eyes, but why do such horrid things occur in modern times? Isn’t it time for Iran and other Middle Eastern societies to end this medieval practice of “honor?”