Eye Witness Account Of Burma Devastation

Pirashant Karde, a pilot from India, was among the few foreign airman to be allowed to fly supplies into Myanmar. He saw miles of trees stripped of their leaves, heaps of rubble, twisted electricity poles and swarms of hungry people. He felt the scale of human misery was beyond being able to describe, “it was vey, very sad to see people with almost no clothes battling it out to survive.” He had heard Yangon was a beautiful city “with lots of trees and rows of houses, but what I saw from above was complete devastation and ruin. Everything from uprooted trees, wooden planks and clothes were strewn all over the place. Miles and miles were covered with water and it seemed a devastating flood had hit the country.” After he landed, he went to the countryside and “people told me there was little food and no water.” After leaving the damaged Yangon airport, he returned home to inform Indian authorities of what he had seen.

At least a handful of Indian planes have been allowed in, but there are dozens of other planes ready to aid the people of Burma. Unfortunately, they will not fly because the military junta wants to take control of any supplies and hand them out to impress people how they somehow found food and water to help the stricken population. The only thing on the mind of these thugs is maintaining power.