F—ing Truth About Famous People!

We attend the movies, observe actors and actresses playing roles and without realizing it come to believe the role they play is the role they play in real life. Mel Gibson portrays a smiling, witty man who is never upset and remains cool even under adverse and life threatening conditions. At least, that is the movie Mel Gibson, but there is another persona who goes by the name of Mel Gibson. During the past few days the tirades of the other Mel Gibson show a man who lacks any sense of being “cool,” let alone being witty. Listen to this tirade against his wife. “I despise you(Oksana Grigorieva). I didn’t want you back. You’re not a f–ing woman I want. You don’t know what it means to make a man happy. I’m so mad. I’m so angry. and this is not the nicotine, this is the truth.” Somehow these words spoken by the real Mel Gibson would never be expressed in any film, certainly not one in which he is the cool and collected hero.

Of course, he produced “Passion of the Christ” and was hailed by many in the Christian community for being an outstanding Christian. I get the f–ing feeling few Christians today would hold that view of Mel Gibson.