F–K You Says US To Pakistan Military!

American military forces launched missile attacks in northwestern Pakistan at time when relations with the incompetent Pakistan army were rather strained. The attacks made clear to Pakistan leaders that the US was continuing the drone attacks which are carried out within the territory of Pakistan–without cooperation of the government. US reports indicate a few dozen “militants” were killed. Unfortunately, it is difficult to believe a drone up in the air knows who is in a house thousands of feet below and since no one we can trust actually checks out who is dead, the program may or may not be effective. US General James Mattis who heads Central Command met with Pakistan military leader, General Kayani in an effort to deal with drone issues. Pakistani leaders want drone attacks to cease. American military leaders want Pakistan soldiers to finally focus on fighting the Taliban and al-Qaida rather than providing them sanctuary.

Most probably, air bases in Pakistan from which drones leave, will soon no longer be available to US forces. They will build new bases in Afghanistan. Pakistan military leaders will moan and groan about not enough money. This will provide them justification for continuing their current policy of not doing anything. Eventually, the US will leave and Pakistan will invite Chinese military to become their allies.

The bottom line is the Taliban and al-Qaida will not be destroyed. Unfortunately, for the people of Pakistan, the result of their military policy might lead to their own destruction as a nation.