Facebook And Islam-Conflict?

A Nigerian civil rights group is appealing an Islamic court order to shut down its chat forums on Facebook and Twitter on grounds they allow negative remarks about Islamic law which is enforced in northern states of the nation. The issue a rose when there was discussion about a case in 2000 when a farmer had his hand chopped off because he stole a cow. The Association of the Muslim Brotherhood of Nigeria demanded any such discussion should cease because individuals were making negative remarks about a decision of a sharia court. Shehu Sani, argues there is something wrong when a poor farmer loses his hand over stealing while the rich and powerful make off with millions and nothing is ever done about chopping off hands.

As Sani commented: “We condemn the ruling and reject it. We think it is a violation of our freedom of expression.” We await a Sharia court ruling requiring removal of the tongue of Sani because it spoke ill of those in power who issue silly rulings about chopping off hands.