Facebook Banned In Pakistan

The contest began as a harmless response to government bans on showing the South Park episode that involved the Prophet Muhammad. Some Pakistani young people began a contest on Facebook in which participants were asked to provide sketches of the Prophet Muhammad. Most Muslim nations forbid visual images of Muhammad due to a line or so in the Koran. There is scant evidence young people were attempting to be disrespectful, they simply wanted some sketches, and one would assume they sought sketches that were positive, not negative.

I confess that religions and the numerous “don’ts” associated with them confuse me. I never did figure out why Judaism forbids having meat and milk at the same meal. I assume God does not mix and match dairy and meat products. I assume there is a line which makes a reference, and over the centuries religious zealots have interpreted the law to mean no sketches. I wonder how Muhammad would react to modern media. I doubt if that is mentioned in the Koran.