Facial Hair And Justice

Among the most important issues of the 1960s as war raged in Vietnam was the presence of hair on the human body.  Men were forced to shave off long hair or denied the right to grow a beard. Welcome to 2012 when the battle still rages. Nidal Hassan is on trial in a military court for murdering soldiers during his angry outbreak of violence at Ft. Hood. Major Hassan demanded the right to wear his beard on grounds it was required by his religon. Judge Gregory Gross denied this request and ordered that he be forcibly shaved in accordance with military regulations.

The US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces over turned this order and removed Judge Gross from the case on grounds he was prejudiced against Muslims. Gross had previously held Hassan in contempt of court. Oh well, now on with the murder trial and the defendant will have a beard. Who really cares if he has or does not have a beard??