Fail The Exam-Get Punished!

Two minivans drove up to the main hotel in mpeketoni, Kenya about 8:00 p.m. and men with masks emerged from the car. They proceeded to enter each home as well as check out guests at the hotel. Members of al-Shahab wanted to know if the person being “interviewed” was able to speak the Somali language, and if they were members of the Muslim religion. At the hotel a Mr. Gashigi responded to the question by saying that he was a Christian. This resulted in a bullet to this head. Others who did not pass the pop quiz about knowledge of the Muslim religion also were given a bullet as a reward for their ignorance. Al-Shabab believes that those who lack knowledge of the Muslim religion must be executed. Of course, the essence of the Muslim religion is that one must accept the faith on a voluntary basis, not through means of force and violence.

By the end of the Muslim test, about 48 Kenyans lay dead. After their educational endeavor concluded, the men hopped back into their minivans and headed back to wherever they came from in the interior of Somali. Just another day at the terror job, another day of death, another day of hate, and another day proving these men are NOT Muslims in their hearts.