Failed State of Pakistan Fails Again

As an American it is sometimes difficult for me to cast aspersions on those in another society whose behavior is prone to violence. The Pakistan government is engaged in a program to eradicate the disease of polio and this requires vaccinating children. Five female health workers were working with children in the city of Karachi when Islamic militants zoomed by on their motorcycle and killed the girls. Taliban insurgents repeatedly have denounced this program for some reason. In one mayor another it somehow violates something in the Koran.

Relatives of the health workers had received death threats during the past few weeks. Somehow, polio vaccinations are part of a Western plot to make Muslims sterile and halt their population growth. Girls who work to eradicate disease are constantly  threatened with death.

Don’t attempt to seek an explanation, none is possible. It is a 12th century mind wrapped around a 21st century assault rifle.