Fake Pilots Fly Real Planes?

The government of India is investigating the licenses of 14 Indian commerical pilots who have been charged with flying planes with forged documents that assert qualifications to fly planes. The suspended pilots fly planes for Air India as well as several private airline companies. There is currently an investigation into the licenses of 4000 pilots in order to determine if there are others flying around even though they never passed the required standards to qualify for flying a plane.

This issue raises several questions. If these men were successfully flying planes and got the plane from city to city does it suggest one can be a pilot without passing flying procedures? Initial police findings indicate the men paid bribes in order to fly. We wonder if pilots are detained for criminal actions because they paid bribes in order to fly, where does that leave members of Congress who take money in order to vote one way or the other? If pilots must meet standards, what about Congressmen? Should they meet any standards? Or do we simply entrust them to fly our nation to the right destination?