Fall Out From Iraq Invasion Spreads Terrorism

The Bush inspired invasion of Iraq has proved to be among the most significant actions in modern Arab history with the unintended consequences of that disastrous action still reverberating throughout the world. Senator McCain insists we are “winning in Iraq” but he apparently does not have a clue that as violence declines in Iraq it is spreading to other parts of the world. A few years ago, the Algerian government had finally come close to completely crushing Islamic militants who had been fighting the government for years. One of the Algerian leaders, Mourad Khettab said, “we didn’t have enough money. the people didn’t want to join.” But, Algerian militants contacted al-Qaeda and soon not only money, but trained personnel were headed in the direction of Algeria.

The newly named Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb is now a powerful threat. It has conducted bombings, suicide bomb attacks, kidnapping or killing European tourists and a host of other actions to once again challenge the Algerian military. Its leaders note that Bush placed their organization on the terrorist list despite warnings from many diplomats the Algerian conflict was a nationalist one, and was not part of any international terrorist organization.

The United States will be living with the Bush legacy years after the man from Texas is back home on his ranch. Terrorism has grown, not lessened as a result of Iraq.