Fallacy Of Boycotting Israel

University professors in nations like the United Kingdom have called for boycotts of Israel universities in order to protest against disregard for the rights of Palestinians. Of course, there are no reports from academics seeking to isolate Israel colleges of any desire to also boycott Chinese universities or those in Iran for their disregard for human rights. The Netanyahu government is attempting to take over homes of Muslims in East Jerusalem in order to build new homes for Israeli settlers. Six weeks ago, several hundred students and professors from Hebrew University marched to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to show solidarity with Palestinians and they carried signs which said: Stop Ethnic Cleansing” and “Democracy Stops At Sheikh Jarrah.” Yesterday, hundreds of human rights activists protested destruction of Muslim homes in Sheikh Jarrah and engaged in clashes with police who refused to allow any protests.

During the past several weeks, Israeli human rights supporters have stood shoulder to shoulder with Palestinians in a sign of solidarity among those in Israel who wish the return of law and an end to destruction of Palestinian rights. How dare anyone urge boycotting of Israel universities in which students and faculty are fighting for human rights!!