False Auschwitz Analogy

There are some Jews who take out the Holocaust card in order to justify actions today. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently argued with President Obama that attacking Iran was similar in need to having Allied airplanes bomb the Auschwitz death camps. American and British military leaders during WWII turned down requests to bomb Auschwitz and Netanyahu believes President Obama is using the same line of reasoning to avoid bombing Iran.

Bombing Auschwitz would have not saved the life of a single Jew in Europe. The Auscwhitz death camp was located in Poland. It was not until 1944 that Allied bombers had access to long range fighter support, but flying to Poland would have been beyond the capacity of any existing fighter plane. Normal Allied raids from England led to a 15% rate of planes being shot down or severely damaged. Bomber planes flying across Germany, into Poland, turning around and flying back would have resulted in enormous losses.

There is a worse problem. At no time up during WWII up until the last months of the war did it take German troops more than 48 hours to repair railroad lines. At Auschwitz there was manpower to speed up the repair. Benjamin Netanyahu is not interested in the survival of the Jewish people, his main concern has always been, gaining power and retaining it.