Family Supporting Non-Violence, Treated Violently!

The Israel army insists that Jawaher Abu Rahme did not die as a result of tear gas, but her mother and neighbors are convinced that she did. Last year, the son of Subhaia Musa Abu Rahme, who was a leader of non-violent resistance against building barriers around their village, died after being struck by a gas canister while at a demonstration. Another son, Ashraf, has been left with a limp after being shot at close range with rubber-coated bullets by Israel soldiers. According to her mother, “she was the nicest girl in Bil’in. Here everyone liked her. The wall confiscated our lands and now my children are gone…. But, every time we lose someone we love, we gain strength to fight against the occupation. This is our land and we are going to defend it
We will not stop until we tear down the wall.” Of course, Israeli fanatics and the current right wing government insist it is “their land,” after all God sent a special message to Earth saying that Jews own this specific area of the world. And, if God said it, how can anyone deny that statement? Of course, Indian tribes occupied most of the area now known as the United States, but for some reason, God said it was OK for those from Europe to take the land.

The mother of the slain girl was quite clear, “I was with my daughter, a bit far away from where the clashes were taking place, when the soldiers started shooting gas. The wind brought the gas.We were very affected. I was feeling bad when my daughter told me that she could not take it any more and started vomiting.” She was taken to a hospital and died.

I write as a human and as a Jew. My parents in Poland and Russia were mistreated in the same manner as the IDF mistreats Palestinians. All Jews must stand united with our Palestinian brothers and sisters. The horror of walls must result in all being torn down. The denial of rights for Palestinians must end. Tear Down The Walls!– PLEASE -in the name of Judaism!