Fanatics From Right And Left

A week ago, a young man filled with the spirit of righteous anger, turned his weapons against dozens of innocent young boys and girls. Anders Breivik is convinced his actions in killing a few dozen people will somehow result in the expulsion of Muslims from his native land of Norway. Anders regards himself as a hero from the past who is leading an army against the hordes of Muslims who have invaded his native land. Actually, less than five percent of Norwegians are those of the Muslim faith, but to his twisted mind, THEY are all around and gaining control of the economy, and soon the government.

Yesterday, a 21 year old Private in the US Army, Nasser Abdo, was caught before he could unleash his reign of terror against fellow soldiers. He left the court room where he was charged with attempted murder shouting to the world, “Nidal Hasan, Ft. Hood” in memory of the psychiatrist who went berserk on a killing rampage at Ft. Hood. Anders regards Muslims as the threat, Nasser regards Christians and Jews as the threat. Each inhabits a mental world in which hostile forces exist whose goals are to destroy the Christian or the Muslim world, or something.

The interesting facet of these young men is not merely their belief a “threat” exists, but their belief by killing innocent people, the threat will be halted. They apparently regard themselves as Superman or Batman or Captain America or Captain Mohammed, who has rushed to the scene and squashed the evil men who threaten their world. In a sense, both belong in a comic strip.