Farce Time In Egypt

The good news from Egypt is that a majority of people are ready to accept the concept of democracy for their nation, and by, “democracy,” that means an honest election and the right of the majority to elect a civilian to lead them. It does not mean, another arranged election in which either those who manipulate voting or those who have weapons to use, gain victory. Former President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood gained the presidency with barely a 50% vote in which only 35% of the nation voted. This led to protests, and that led to the military deciding to once again govern the country. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood were attacked, their headquarters set on fire and President Morsi arrested last July.

The world will now have the opportunity to witness what goes for a “trial” in which Morsi and other MB leaders are in court room in order to prove this farce is a real trial. Former President Morsi was placed in a specially designed glass cage and wheeled into the court. There is a microphone in the cage and it was turned on only to have Morsi shout to the world: “I have been absent from the world since the fourth of July, and have’t met anybody from my family or defense. I’m the legitimate president of Egypt!”

The judge shot back: “I’m the president of Egypt’s Criminal Court” and to shut Morsi up, the mike went dead. This is not a trial, it is a farce. The people of Egypt are entitled to a fair trial, and this means Morsi has the right to defend himself. How can Egypt become a democratic nation based on what transpires in a trial that lacks legitimacy?