Farewell Christians From Syria

Each passing day in Syria offers new evidence that Muslim clerics are preachign holy war, not only against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, but against Syrian Christians. Thousands of Christians have fled their homes, some leaving the country, while others seek haven in border areas that allow quick departure to Lebanon of Turkey. A war that began seeking to end brutality has become brutal.

Christians refugees in the border village of Qa described to German reporters their terror at the prospect of a successful overthrow of Assad. They described how husbands, sons, and relatives had been murdered by religious rebels. Leila Khouri, who came from the town of Qusay, described the horror awaiting Christians: “they sermonized on Fridays in the mosques that it was a sacred duty to drive us away. We were constantly accused of workign for the regime. And, Christians had to pay bribes to the jihadists repeatedly to avoid getting killed.”

The tragedy of Sryia  is to drive out one tryant and replace him with religious ones. In Iraq most Christians have fled for their lives, we fear a similar end awaits Syrian Christians.