Farewell, Hello ObamaCare?

Yesterday was the deadline for those seeking to become members of the newly famous Obamacare network of concerned citizens who lacked any form of health insurance and were compelled to become members of the Emergency Room family of deadbeats. For a nation that could place a man on the moon or organize the most complex naval attack in human history, the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944, we were simply unable to organize the process by which American citizens purchased a product. The real tragedy of the entire Obama approach to health care is how he transformed a simply process and transformed it into a study in complexity. For example:

1. A new law simply could have allowed any American from birth to 65 to enroll in Medicare.

2. Or, stage one could have placed all Americans from 40-65 under Medicare.

3. Stage two a few years later could have placed remaining Americans under Medicare.

Popular Medicare would have been supported by most Americans.

End of controversy!