Farewell Ron

Ron Paul has suspended his quest for the presidency of the United States of America. At least he has ended visits to states where he explains how resorting to 15th century economic theory will end the current recession in America. I realize that millions of Americans are devout believers in 15th century economics and are fervently dedicated to the proposition that if wealthy folk could get all the money in the nation, they would share that wealth with those lacking money. Of course, that does not mean actually sharing wealth, it does mean you can eat gobs of macaroni.

Some might claim that Ron Paul only cares about wealthy people. That is not exactly  correct. He NEVER said the top one percent should get ALL the money, he always insisted at least one percent of our wealth should wind up in the hands of the 99%. He has always been a fervent supporter of soup kitchens run by the Salvation  Army. He has always supported begging on street corners. Ron believes in people and if they beg enough , they eventually will have money to open their own business and become a job creator!