Farewell To Days Of Torture

All good things must come to an end and that even includes torture and bribery. The CIA is now engaged in packing up its torture instruments, gathering together those who have worked in secret on operations that undoubtedly saved the American people, and the thousands of little people who got their bag of money. President Karzai of Afghanistan is reportedly in a state of shock over the possibility that his bags of money from the CIA will no longer be left at his door. I wonder how many drug lords will not be able to fly around the world in luxury now that CIA folk are gone.

There is scant doubt prisons whose walls are still stained with the blood of torture must now be dismantled. Paramilitary teams will have to close down shop and actually get a job that is productive. The old days are gone, now back to the hum drum world of work and papers and actually doing something productive.