Fascism Not That Bad Says Rome Mayor!

Gianni Alemanno, former youth leader of a neo-Fascist party, was elected mayor of Rome by running on a program of hatred toward Romas who he blamed for causing crime problems in the city. Ironically, while on a trip to Israel, he told Italy’s leading newspaper, Corriere dellal Sera, that fascism really wasn’t as bad as people claim. “Fascism was a more complex phenomenon,” he said, and “many people joined up in good faith and I don’t feel like labeling them with that definition.” He admitted the racial laws under Fascism were “absolutely evil” but one should not label all Fascists as evil people.

A central problem with people like Gianni Alemanno is their failure to grasp their programs against the Romas are exactly in accord with the so-called “absolute evil” of fascism. It was the fact fascism existed that “absolutely evil” laws were passed. How can one separate the evil of fascism from the evil that emanates out of their rule?