Fast Food Workers Want Work!

The history of modern America is the shift from providing those seeking work a job which actually pays enough to feed the family and get a home. The typical McDonaldd’s worker gets a shirt to wear and a pair of work pants along with $7.40 an hour which provides the modern worker with less money than any American worker in over seventy years. In other words, at $7.40 an hour the typical worker earns a top salary of $1600 a month. That is the cost to a Wall Street banker of about three expensive meals. Thousands of workers are protesting this week seeking an outrageous demand. They want to raise minimum wages from$7.25 an hour to about $12 an hour.

It are these type of outrageous demands from lazy people which most upset members of the Tea Party. Imagine paying someone $12 an hour! That means taking money away from job creators to pay people who actually work at jobs. First, they came for $12 an hour, next they want to rape your wife and daughter and finally they want to send you to a slave labor camp where you have to work for nothing! Arise Capitalists, save your MONEY!