Fast Track To Sainthood?

In olden times, reports about individuals whose actions suggested an unusual ability to connect the lives of ordinary humans with some manifestation of heavenly powers were among the criteria for being judged to have been a saint who deserved a special place in Heaven. The Vatican apparently has Pope John Paul II on the fast track to become a saint in heaven. He supposedly help cure a nun who was afflicted with Parkinson’s disease and thus he qualifies for sainthood. I honestly am not an expert on saints, but I have a hunch there are numerous doctors as well as charlatans who have saved some sick individual of a disease. The placebo effect is a well known phenomena and most probably having a pope intercede on one’s behalf might well result in a cure.

The real question is the concept of “fast track to sainthood.” Why is there need for a “fast track” in the first place? What is the hurry? After all, Pope John Paul II already is in Heaven so is it really that important he is reclassified as a “saint?” I suspect God knows who is or who is not a saint and there is no need for humans to let him know about the issue of sainthood.