Faster Than Even Superman!!

Albert Einstein proved the speed of light could not be surpassed and that was accepted as the final word. That is, until last month. Experiments in European facilities offered evidence that sub atomic particles known as Neutrinos could exceed the speed of light. In an experiment an Italian scientist proved that over a 454 mile distance it took light 2.4 milliseconds to reach the end while a neutrino covered the course in 60 billionth of a second faster. Is it possible that Einstein could be wrong? We posed this question to a panel of Republican candidates for president.

Michele Bachmann:  Who exactly is this Einstein person, he sounds like a terrorist to me.

Herman Cain:  As far as I am concerned, 9-9-9 covers everything including this science stuff.

Rick Perry:  Well, there are three things I want to say about this…. neutrino, light, and…… what was that third thing?

Mitt Romney:  I am disturbed this neutrino experiment was run by some Italian. Just  another example of the failed neutrino policies of Barack Obama.

Newt Gingrich:  If you allow, I will review the history of neutrinos since I am an historian.

Rick Santorum:  I just want to emphasize that I am against abortions, and that includes aborting neutrino babies.