Faster Than Superman!

The American airforce is developing a plane-or variation of a plane–that would fly six times faster than sound. The plane would be dropped by a B-52 bomber and proceed to fly at 3,600 miles per hour toward a target. We  assume the target will not be in the United States of America. We assume the target would be some area in a nation, as yet not known, and the plane would drop lethal bombs. At present, this plane is only known as X51 WaveRider.

Yes, Republicans in Congress oppose spending money to develop wind or solar power. Yes, Republicans oppose spending money to rebuild our decaying infrastructure, but jus think, they can vote money for a plane that can drop bombs within a few hours 12,000 miles away! Now, that is money wisely spent. Just ask Mitt, he opposes all that money for student loans, but when something can go 3,600 miles per hour. Wow!