Fat Boy–Move ON!

Syndicated talk show host, Michael Savage is offering  Newt Gingrich the sum of  $1 milion in order to quit his race for the Republican nomination for president because he is unelectable. Savage argues if Newt really cares he will do what is best for America since next to Barack Obama he “looks like nothing more than he really is-a fat, old, white man.” Recent polls indicate the fat white boy is ahead in the race despite being a serial cheater on wives.

It increasingly is clear the old fat white man is challenging the old white rich man and neither is holding back on vitrolic statements. Mitt charged Newt made money off Freddie Mac while Newt demands that Mitt “give back all the money he’s earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees.”

In the meantime, Barack Obama enjoys the show and dreams of victory next fall.