Fat Tax For Airline Passengers!

The glorious day is fast approaching when those of us who eat correctly and engage in exercise no longer have to endure the fat person in the next seat who pushes his/her body into our own and makes an airline trip hours of feeling cramped. Southwest Airlines already requires those who can not fit into a single seat to pay for another one. Air France and the Dutch KLM announced that “passengers with a high body mass” must book another seat and pay 75% of its price if they wish to get on the airline. Air France seats are 53 inches. Hopefully, these efforts will be accompanied by a “fat tax” on anyone whose overweight body pushes onto the next seat.

Of course, if people continue eating their way into illness and making life uncomfortable for fellow humans, why not have cargo planes which will transport them. No seats, just sit on the floor and they can be allowed all the space they damn well desire.