Fatah And Hamas Debate Meeting To Debate

The Egyptian government over the past several weeks has been attempting to bring together the Fatah and Hamas factions in order to present a united front to Israel. Both sides agreed to a meeting that would be led by Egyptian mediators and would include a wide variety of people from various view points. Hamas leaders asked Fatah to hold a bilateral meeting but the request was rejected. Originally, President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority has refused to hold any meetings with Hamas until that group ends its control over Gaza. Senior Fatah official, Azzam al-Ahmad, said: “There is no need for bilateral meetings now. We prefer the meetings to be comprehensive and for Egypt to pursue its consultations with the factions.”

It is probably wise to have Egyptian mediators present at any meeting given the open hostility between Hamas and Fatah. Hopefully, the issue of Gaza can be resolved and a Palestinian united group meet with Israel leaders.