Fatah And Hamas Still Can’t Get Together

The history of conflict between Israel and Arab nations has been characterized by an ongoing incompetence on the part of Arab leaders as they vie with one another for power. The sixth round of national dialogue between Fatah and Hamas has ended in failure. Hamas demands full partnership in the Palestinian Authority before it cedes any power in Gaza. Fatah demands an end to Hamas rule in Gaza without offering their opponents any real power in a Palestinian government. President Abbas and Fatah leaders are encouraged by support they have received from President Obama and the increase in loans which have sparked an economic upsurge in West Bank areas. Latest polls suggest Fatah would win any election so it might be in the self interest of Abbas to maintain a low profile and allow future events to decide who is in power.

Perhaps, a problem is reducing the complexity of Palestinian life to these two groups. It might be beneficial to include diverse factions and interest groups which would provide a balance that might serve as a bridge between Hamas and Fatah.

An effective Palestinian government must recognize certain realities:

1. There must be agreement to respect UN ideas which includes accepting the presence of an independent Israel government.
2. There has to be a willingness to modify the concept of return of Palestinian refugees. The return of all will never be accepted by any Israel government. What then is the compromise that Palestinian leaders can present?
3. There must be an end to any form of violence and acceptance of the ideas of Gandhi and Martin Luther King of non-violence resistance.