Fatah Finally Has Fierce Verbal Fights

It has been twenty years since members of Fatah had the opportunity to come together for honest discussions concerning goals of the organization and who should be in leadership roles. Many delegates were furious at lack of administrative and financial accounting of the organization– where has the money been going and who has been spending the money are certainly valid issues raised by those who have waited two decades for a place to vent their anger. Ahmed Ghneim, a member of the Central Committee, became so furious when challenged by delegates that he stormed off the platform in disgust.

President Mahmud Abbas finally had to enter the hall in order to restore order and clam things down. “i admit we have made errors, even sin, but the rendering of accounts must be done during committee meetings and not through chaotic interventions.” Even as he spoke these soothing words, delegates shouted comments towards him. One delegate was ordered out of the room but he refused to budge, certainly a mark of the new spirit which is beginning to invigorate Fatah. President Abbas did offer some sound advice to the group: “we are here to put Fatah back on track, not to settle scores.”

The Abbas comment is wise advice to those who seek to create a modern Palestinian state. It is time to move forward in order to witness the birth of an independent Palestinian state.