Fatah Gets Some Fresh Blood

Fatah leadership of the Palestinian people is desperately in need of some fresh blood so it was good news at their convention when new political figures were elected to office. It is estimated that only four of the old guard who are associated with corruption and failure to achieve peace with Israel secured leadership positions. Marwan Barghouthi, who is currently imprisoned by Israel, was one of a multitude of new faces who were elected as members of Fatah’s central committee. Analysts said without these new men in positions of authority, Fatah might have collapsed. “The committee election results are a type of coup, a white coup without which Fatah would have been finished,” claimed Hani Masri of a think tank.

There is now new men in leadership positions. It is up to Israel to engage in serious discussions with these men in order to move forward the process of peace and recognition of the independent nation of Palestine.